Tahe Advanced Barber Awards. I Edición.  


(Tahe Cosmetic Products) men’s range, with business address: Avenida de Grecia, Parcela 5.1. Polígono Industrial Las Salinas 30840 Alhama de Murcia – Murcia (Spain) and tax identification number B30163406.  


The competition is open to professional barbers and hair stylists worldwide.  


  • Rising Stars: this category is for participants under 30.
  • Creative Styling: this category is aimed at assessing professionals for their creative and original cut.
  • Classic Cut: this category is to showcase professionals’ skills in classic and traditional cuts.


  • Participants should complete their entry on the competition website at before 16th July 2023.
  • The entry fee is 150€ and participants may enter in as many categories as they choose with no additional cost. Only one style per category is permitted.
  • On completing the entry process, the organisation provides a gift pack to each participant of Tahe Advanced Barber products with a value of 220€ to use for their entry.
  • Postage costs of the pack will be covered by Tahe for participants located in Spain, Italy or Portugal. Participants based in other countries may choose between covering the postage costs themselves or opting out of their pack. Tahe will contact the participant to determine their preference. Postage costs will be calculated according to the receiver address provided by the participant, and they will be informed of the total postage costs before proceeding with the payment. If the participant chooses to opt out of receiving the pack no extra charges will be made.
  • Participants should provide their full name, email address, telephone number, city and country of origin, the name of the salon where they work, tax id number, and the category or categories they wish to enter.


  • Participants should be actively working as a barber or hairstylist.
  • Participants should accept and fulfil all legal requirements of the competition.


  • Choose your model to create your look for the Tahe Advanced Barber Awards (NB: models do not have to be professionals).
  • Cut and style your model’s hair, according to the relevant category, using Tahe Advanced Barber products.
  • Select your wardrobe and make-up to complete the general style and concept of your look.
  • Adjust the lighting for your photo shoot.
  • Take three photos against a neutral background with no visible accessories:
    • One front-view image.
    • One side-view image.
    • One back-view image.
      • NB: Images should show the head and shoulders of the model.
  • Please upload photos to a maximum of 5 MB.
  • Give us a brief explanation of the inspiration and the products used to create your look.
  • Send your entry to


  • The competition will be held in three stages:
    • Stage one: online format. Participants should first complete the application process, and submit their entry or entries by 17 September 2023 at the latest using the online form available at Entry requirements include three photos (of views from the front, side, and back), for each entry if competing in more than one category. The judges will select ten (10) participants per category, who will go through to the next stage.
      NB: we recommend participants make a video recording of this entry, which will be required at the second stage.
    • Stage two: online format. The ten (10) participants selected from stage one should submit their entry by 12 October 2023 at the latest, in the form of an unedited video with a maximum length of thirty (30) minutes. The video should be sent to the email address provided by the organisation. The judges will then select three (3) entries per category to go through to the final stage. The video should show the participant creating a style identical to the entry for the first stage, preferably using the same model. There should also be a detailed commentary over the video explaining the inspiration behind the cut. The judges will assess different aspects of the complete video, including makeup, atmosphere, style and scenography. Here you have a dossier that will serve as a tutorial to learn how to record your video correctly.­
    • Final stage: In-person attendance. The nine finalists will perform a live haircut on 13 November and style at the Tahe Advanced Barber venue in Alhama de Murcia. To participate in the final stage, participants should bring and work with their own model (costs of travel and board are not included). The organisation will provide all products needed by participants and no products from other ranges will be permitted.  A designated panel of specialist judges will assess the participants’ work on behalf of the organisation and the winner for each of the three categories will be announced on the same day.
  • The dates and time periods for each stage of the competition will be set by the organisation and the information will be provided to participants on completion of their entry. The organisation reserves the right to change dates and time periods at any time for any justified reason.


The winners will be chosen during the third stage of the competition by a panel of specialist judges designated by the organisation. The judges will assess the finalists’ work according to originality, creativity, technique, and final look. The judges’ decision will be final and will be announced at the award ceremony.


Three prizes will be awarded for this competition, to the participants who win the highest classification in each category:


    • 1,000€ worth of Tahe Advanced Barber products.
    • A commemorative trophy.
    • Participation as a co-technician in international training session held by Tahe Advanced Barber and given by an in-house technician.
    • Free attendance at Tahe Advanced Barber training sessions during 2024 (costs of travel and board not included).
    • A place on the judges’ panel at the next awards.
    • A promotional photo shoot for a collection of hair products (to be specified by the organisation).
    • A Tahe Advanced Barber case.
    • Tahe Advanced Barber promotional merchandise.
    • A professional audiovisual campaign (photos and videos) to be made on-site at the Tahe Advanced Barber venue at a date to be set (costs of travel and board not included).

Second place:

    • 500€ worth of Tahe Advanced Barber products.
    • A commemorative trophy.
    • A Tahe Advanced Barber case.
    • Tahe Advanced Barber promotional merchandise.
    • A professional audiovisual campaign (photos and videos) to be made on-site at the Tahe Advanced Barber venue at a date to be set (costs of travel and board not included).

Third place:

    • 300€ worth of Tahe Advanced Barber products.
    • A commemorative trophy.
    • Tahe Advanced Barber promotional merchandise.


A) Participants guarantee that any entries presented are their original work and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party.
B) Participants will assign the transfer of all exploitation rights of the entries for a period of ten years.
C) The entries may be used by the organisation for promotional purposes, publicity or to promote the competition, for which participants have to no claim to rights or renumeration.


A) Participants authorise Tahe Advanced Barber to use their personal data for the purposes of the competition and the award ceremony.
B) Participants may exercise their rights of access, modification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data online at
C) Participants’ personal data will be handled in accordance with the personal data protection laws in force at the time of completion of entry in the competition.


A) The organisation reserves the right to modify the legal basis of the competition at any time without prior warning.
B) The organisation reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time for any reasonable motive, with no liability held for participants for any compensation.

Acceptance of legal conditions:
A) Participation in the competition incurs full and unconditional acceptance of all relevant legal conditions.
B) Any query or dispute that may arise in relation to the competition or to its execution will be resolved by the organisation and its decision will be final and not open to appeal.